Peace of Mind with Precision Concrete Cutting

Using patented technology, Precision Concrete Cutting removes tripping hazards from sidewalks rendering them not only ADA compliant but also virtually hazard free. PCC delivers the highest quality in the industry–across all facets of our business, using the latest technology.

Benefits of PCC

  • Our technique is the fastest
  • Our process is the cleanest
  • Our finish is the finest
  • Our paperwork is the clearest
  • Our sidewalks are the safest

Find out for yourself how useful our services really are. Please email us at [email protected] and we will respond promptly with a list of referrals and recommendations.

"The elected officials and the residents were so pleased with the cost effectiveness and superior results over other methods of trip hazard removal, that we have expanded our contract to eventually include all sidewalks within the City over the next several years."

John Inch Morgan – Taylorsville City Administrator