Servicing all of Northern and Central Florida
Contact: Wendy & Alan MacMurray
Phone: (877) 799-6783

Wendy and Alan MacMurray, the founders of Precision Sidewalk Safety Corp in Florida, have over 50 years combined experience in customer management, service delivery and project implementation and have been respected executives for global Fortune 500 companies as well as start-up companies. They introduced the Precision technology to Florida in 2006 and they now support hundreds of customers. The company has used its unique, patented technique to make over 215,000 repairs on sidewalks in its area, saving communities an estimated $29 million on sidewalk repairs. These repairs have also saved an estimated 122,000 tons of concrete waste and over 207,000 gallons of gasoline. According to the EPA, this translates to the prevention of 1,844 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions.

Website:  www.precisionsidewalksafety.com
Email: info@precisionsidewalksafety.com